Learn the different types of printers available in the market

October 28, 2019 by No Comments

Printer models continue to be released every few months. This makes it hard for you to know which printer to choose for your busy working environment. You can, however, make your search easy by focusing on one category. We will break them down into different types for you to find one that can help you meet your needs.

If you want a printer that is solely designed for printing, then you should choose the single-function inkjet type. The good thing about models that fall under this category is that they are inexpensive and can manage basic printing needs. They can print different types of documents and photos. Though they often come with fewer features, they are ideal for beginners since they are simple to use.

A single function printer makes use of ink cartridges and is ideal for home use. As you buy such a printer, you should focus on the page yield and the cost of printer resources so that you don’t spend a lot. Compare different models that perform only one function so that you don’t encounter high priced cartridges.

Most large companies prefer multi-function printers since they perform a lot of things. These not only print documents but can scan and fax too. The market offers different models that can perform various functions. Every model may have some unique features and different cartridge pricing. For you to get the most out of your printer, pay close attention to the specs of the model you intend to buy.

Some of the standard features that multifunction printers offer include the use of ink cartridges and the ability to print both colored images and black and white ones. The cost of such printers varies from one manufacturer to the next. If you want to save some upfront costs, consult Business printing search. Ensure you have a budget before you start looking at the different models available so that you can avoid overspending.

If you are a professional photographer, you should consider investing in a photo inkjet printer. Though a multifunction printer can produce colored photos, a photo inkjet printer can bring images to life. It gives you vivid prints since it uses more ink cartridges compared to the previous type. The cartridges used in such printers are either dye-based or pigment-based. Photo printers also work with different print sizes as well as photo papers.

The cost of photo printers is, however, higher than that of single or multifunction printers. It, however, prints high-quality photos that can boost your photography business. You also have to spend more on replacing cartridges of such printers since they use at least six ink cartridges. For you to minimize the costs of such printers, consider getting LD brand cartridges since they are a bit cheaper. If you don’t want to keep on purchasing new cartridges, you can buy an ink tank printer. In this case, you only have to purchase ink bottles that can supply ink to your printer.