Find out the myths surrounding printing

October 28, 2019 by No Comments

If you have been printing for a while, you probably have heard some misconceptions surrounding the activity. Some of the things that people say regarding printing are not true, and you should ignore them. Learning the facts about printing can save your money and time.

Some people believe that you should not continue printing after you get the low ink notification from your printer. If you are using a good model, it should give you a warning requesting you to change your cartridge after some time. This warning does not necessarily mean that you should stop printing immediately. The cartridge should still have some ink to handle a few printing jobs.

Printers tend to display this message before the ink level is too low for you to print anything. You can find out if your printer has issued an early warning by continuing to print for some time. As you continue printing, ensure you arrange for a new cartridge for you to switch them as soon as you notice the print quality declining.

Others also believe that using cartridges that are not from the print manufacturer can lead to poor output quality. You may have heard claims regarding aftermarket cartridges damaging the printer. Though some of the aftermarket suppliers are known to offer poor quality products, not every supplier is unreliable.

It is unfair to dismiss every aftermarket supplier based on the bad reputation of a few. Some of the reputable vendors offer a warranty for their products as a way of showing that they make high-quality cartridges. Reliable vendors deliver printer products that match the quality of the printer manufacturer.

Other printer users assume that printer cartridges from third party suppliers can affect the warranty of a printer in case something happens to it. If you bought your printer from a legit source, then you should be able to use the warranty regardless of where you get your printer cartridge from. There is an Act that protects you as a customer and prohibits a printer manufacturer from denying you a refund just because you bought a compatible product.

Some of the users also assume that every time they experience poor quality output, it is caused by a defective cartridge. Though a defective cartridge can lead to faded print or smears, assuming that this is the only cause is wrong. Check the cartridges cleaning function and confirm that no ink is clogged. This can prevent the printer from performing as you expect. If the problem persists after such measures, you can contact Business Printing Search for further guidance.

The last misconception regarding printing has to do with the page yield that you get from a printer. Some clients think that buying aftermarket cartridges can translate to less page yield as opposed to purchasing from the printer manufacturer. As long as you choose a well-known third-party supplier, you should get the same print quality and page yield as buying cartridges from the original printer manufacturer.